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Venatus Spring Valley Rhodesian Ridgebacks
United States
ph: 610-762-1432
Titus and Miles
make their first
appearance at
their very first time
in the show ring.
Titus brought
home a Group
One at the Canine
Experience the
next day!
The first team on the
right is Titus &
Kelley C. Kotch at
Regional Specialty.
article featured in
The Ridgeback
Lucius peeks out from the Table of Contents in the January/February
issue of
Sight & Scent followed by both of the boys appearing next  to
the article written by Patricia Hastings.
Lucius again graces the Table of
Contents in
The Ridgeback Register
issue featuring Colors of Rhodesian
Both Titus & Lucius show how
different yet equally correct coat
colors can be in our breed.
Our Dogs in the Media
Extra is featured in
the video to the left
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Lucius & Titus's ads in The Ridgeback.

Ad work by the talented Shody Lytle.
The Ridgeback is a quarterly magazine put
out by the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of
the United States.
Photo ->
courtesy of
Denise Eberhard
A few of our ads in The Ridgeback Register.
Ad work by Theresa Lyons of The
Ridgeback Register.
Our article featured in the Canine Chronicle about our
very nice experience with Edd Bivin (an AKC Judge).
The Canine Chronicle is a monthly all
breed publication.
The beautiufl Lilly can be seen in
the two ads featured in the
Ridgeback Register to the right.
Lola shows she's
no stranger to the
camera. Here she
is in her debut as
a Pfizer model.
The beautiufl Lilly can be seen in
the two ads featured in the
Ridgeback Register to the right.
Shumba has shown she's not just another
pretty face. Here are a few of the ads she's
been featured in. To the left we have the
Canine Chronicle ad while to the right we have
her Ridgeback Register ads.

She's really raking in the ribbons!